Home Router Project

PC Engines has announced a new embedded mainboard series, this alone was sufficient reason for me (again) to build a home router based on this piece of hardware.
Months ago I heard about a successor project of m0n0wall, it is based on FreeBSD 10.1 and was my choice to be the software part.

APU2B4 front side
APU2B4 (source: pcenginges.ch)

Shopping List

Serial Console

Use Putty with following settings for serial console. The most important setting is to set the port speed to 115200.

Bios Update

The APU2 series is still in beta status, we need to update the bios to make it bootable from mSATA. You can download the file from pcenginges.ch

Boot from USB with the OPNSense Image and install to SSD
2016-01-08_17h58_55 2016-01-08_17h57_52 2016-01-08_18h00_01 2016-01-08_17h59_49 2016-01-08_18h03_17

Now you can remove the USB stick and reboot. You can open the web interface with
Initial login: root
Initial password: opnsense

We still have two free mini PCIE slots which can be used for e.g. a WiFi module.

Have fun with a very adjustable, open and powerful router/firewall/access point solution.